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We're building humanity a smarter global food web by researching technology and crafting products that connect the world's growers, their customers, & their communities seamlessly.

What we do

Our mission is to map and measure humanity's food production seed by seed, garden by garden, farm by farm, market by market, and meal by meal to effectively feed our species and restore our biosphere.
Our focus is in the following areas.


Crafting efficient digital spaces to facilitate local food economies from seed to soil to market to kitchen to fork.

Chat & Voice UI

Programming natural interfaces that simplify business transactions between growers and consumers of their products.

Machine Learning

Enabling smart phone and drone computer vision solutions to provide real time AI analysis of crop and field health.


Leveraging technology to create persistant tracking and identification of agrigoods within food supply logistics.

Earth Imagery

Using satellite data to help governments and communities effectively plan sustainable food systems and agrindustry.


Designing machines that supplement human agricultural labor to increase sustainable production and quality of life.


Social commerce platform helping communities build economic resiliency and food security with urban agriculture


Connects anchor institutions with surplus land to urban growers serving the rising demand for local agriculture.

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