We focus on mapping, measuring, and facilitating production in humanity's first transglobal food network seed by seed, garden by garden, farm by farm, market by market, and meal by meal to effectively feed humanity, restore our biosphere, and preserve future worlds.


Crafting efficient digital spaces that facilitate local & regional food economies from soil, to seeds, to markets, to kitchens, to plates.

Voice & Chat UI

Programming natural interfaces that simplify business transactions between growers and consumers of their products.


Engineering mobile device and drone based artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that multiply grower capabilities.


Leveraging technology to create persistant tracking and identification of agrigoods within food supply logistics.

Imagery & Maps

Using satellite and map data to help communities and orgs plan and manage regenerative food systems and agribusiness.

Robotics & IOT

Industrial solutions to supplement small scale market garden operations increasing production and quality of life.

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